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At HCSS, we’re all about that perfect work-life balance. We foster a casual work environment where the dress code includes T-shirts and jeans and office Nerf wars can break out any time. We focus on getting our work done, not on how many hours we put in.

Benefits of HCSS

HCSS is a small company that offers big benefits and competitive pay, including year-end profit sharing, company-paid medical insurance, company-matched 401Ks, tuition reimbursement, and generous paid time off.


Health and wellness is ingrained in our company, culture, and employees. Among the perks we offer are quarterly wellness challenges, sponsored sports teams, on-site Weight Watchers meetings, race and event stipends, a fully-equipped fitness center, a basketball court, running track, and more.

Our Hiring Process

Apply at HCSS
Apply at HCSS

Apply for a Position

Apply for an open position with HCSS, and prepare for the assessment test.
Take the HCSS Test
Take the HCSS Test

Take the Test

Take and pass the online assessment test. This is a logic test to help us find qualified applicants.

Phone Interview
Phone Interview

Phone Interview

We will conduct a phone interview to determine whether you are an initial fit.

In Person Interview
In Person Interview

In-Person Interview

All candidates who pass the phone interview will be brought in for an in-person interview to determine your skills and gauge your potential fit into our culture.

Executive Interviews
Executive Interviews

Executive Interview

Candidates who pass the in-person interview will progress to the final approval interviews with members of our executive team.

A Few of the Perks

Annual Cash Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

Open-Book Financials

Open Book Financials

$1,000 Annual Race Stipend

HCSS Race Registrations

Sponsored-Company Teams

Sponsored Teams

Locker Rooms

Locker Room
Employee Stock Ownership

Employee Stock Ownership

Open Door Management

Open-Door Management

Weekly Fitness Classes

Weekly Fitness Classes

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit and Snacks

Friday Lunch

Company-Provided Friday Lunch

Life at HCSS

You’ll spend approximately half of your life at work. Why make it boring and miserable? Think about how much happier you’d be going to a job you enjoyed—more than that, a job you loved, that made you look forward to going to the office every day. HCSS is dedicated to providing that kind of career to our employees.

HCSS Eating


We take great pride in creating a comfortable, yet productive environment, where employees not only excel in what they do, but also have fun doing it.

At HCSS, you will finally be able to:

Know that you are doing meaningful work everyday.

Helping build country's infrastructure.

Enjoy telling your friends and family about all the exciting things you’re doing at your job.

Feel energized when you’re at work.

HCSS Building


Everyone at HCSS -- executives, managers, and employees -- has one thing in common: we're all owners of the company. Because of that mentality, we take extra care in our work and with our customers.

We all think like owners and enjoy the benefits:

Annual Cash Profit – Sharing

Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP)

Open-Book Financials and Management

HCSS Exercise


HCSS strives to help keep employees healthy by promoting wellness whenever possible, including offering a variety of health and fitness opportunities.

Here are a few of our wellness benefits:

Advanced & Beginner Bootcamps

Strength Training


Healthy Cooking Classes

Weight Watchers Meetings

Sponsored Teams: Running, Basketball, Soccer & More

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