Because it’s about more than great software.

When you choose HCSS, you choose much more than just great software. You choose exceptional service and commitment from a trusted name and leader in the industry.

1. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We don't just claim it — we guarantee it with a 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your software, we'll refund 100% of your software purchase.

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2. We've got your back.

Any day, any time, call us for 24/7 Instant support. Whether it's 3:00 a.m., New Year's Eve, or Sunday brunch, we're there for you. Our goal is to answer your call in three rings or less and help you get back to work as quickly as possible. You won't be routed through a confusing phone tree or placed on a long hold for the next available technician. When you call HCSS Support, you connect directly to a highly trained member of the HCSS Support Team, right here in Texas, ready and eager to help.

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3. It's an awesome place to work.

We attract and retain top talent to serve you better. At HCSS, we keep our employees happy and healthy so they can focus on doing a great job for you every day. Our employee-centric culture attracts and retains bright employees who understand the importance of customer satisfaction. The result is a dream team with the experience and drive to help you succeed. — For the last five consecutive years, we've been recognized as one of the "Best Companies to Work for in Texas." The Houston Business Journal ranked us one of the "Best Places to Work" in Houston.— The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces crowned us as a "Top Small Workplaces" winner in 2009. That's Top 15 in the U.S.!

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4. We're here to stay, and we're growing!

HCSS has come a long way since its establishment in 1986 by President/CEO Mike Rydin. What started as a one-man show is now a robust company of more than 130 employees and growing. Your software investment is safe with us. We are confident in our financial stability and fully disclose our audited financials to Dun & Bradstreet for external review (we recommend the D&B Business Information Report)..

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5. We provide a complete suite of products.

We specialize in construction software and understand the complexities of the industry. Winning the bid is just the beginning; then the actual project begins. That's why we offer a complete suite of integrated products that help streamline your operations from the estimate through project completion. Turn to HCSS to win the bid, and then manage your project the right way. Track your resources — from labor to equipment to fuel — and get the most out of them. Ease your equipment maintenance and keep your employees safe in the field. With HCSS, you get more than just software in a box. You get a complete solution.

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6. Our products win awards.

For the last seven consecutive years, HCSS software has won the coveted gold medal in the Roads & Bridges Contractor's Choice Awards, recognizing top products selected by contractors themselves. Other honors include Constructech Vision Awards for improving customer processes and competitiveness through technology, as well as Constructech Top Products awards for creating useful and unique construction software with a notable customer growth rate.

7. Our users dominate bid results.

The truth is in the bid results. Across states and project sizes, HCSS HeavyBid users consistently dominate the board. No other software comes even close to producing the number of top bidders as HeavyBid. The program is widely used in the industry, and it absolutely works. Check out bid results to see just how dominant HeavyBid really is. Observe how other bidders use a combination of spreadsheets, in-house estimating software, and other brand software, and all together often represent fewer bidders than HeavyBid customers alone.

8. We're committed to your learning and growth.

Every year, hundreds of contractors meet in Houston to discuss best industry practices, enhance their HCSS product knowledge, and help determine the future direction of our products. We call it our User's Group Meeting (UGM). It's been an annual tradition for nearly 25 years. UGM is our commitment to helping contractors improve their industry knowledge, gain a competitive edge, and have a voice in the software that drives their business.

9. Construction pros know how to use HCSS products.

With the dominance of HCSS products in the industry, there's simply no shortage of construction professionals who are already proficient at using our software. That includes more than 20,000 estimators who use HeavyBid every day. And since 1992, we have been providing HeavyBid software to over 80 colleges and universities. That means many college graduates are familiar with HeavyBid before they even start a career in construction. This makes it easier for HCSS customers to quickly find new employees with the right skills set, and it also reduces new-hire training costs.

10. Top industry leaders agree.

More than 3,500 construction companies and top industry leaders trust their business to HCSS every day, including the leading transportation and heavy civil contractors. The choice is clear. What are you waiting for?

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